In the past, Life Coaching has specifically worked on “mind-set”alone, which can often cause for short term results.
“The Poppii King Xperience” combines the greatest powers to improve the totality of ones life with sure and long term results,
taking you to a level that Life Coaching alone has never reached, simply by guiding you to understand
the power of you and how to use it to benefit your own human experience.


“You see the laws of the universe is just law, whether you believe in them or not. The law though, is not where the power is, a law is just “a rule defining correct procedure or behavior of.” However we are continuously trying to make this “law” work for us. We’ve been sold on this “secret” but haven’t been given the correct instructions of use. The Power is NOT in the law. The power is and will always be within YOU, The Power is simply in KNOWING and OVERSTANDING that YOU are the POWER!” –Poppii King

OverStanding The Power of You

 “The Poppii King Xperience” is professional one-on-one Spiritual Life Coaching with Metaphysicist Poppii King, which guides you towards a greater quality of life. Combining traditional “Solution Focused Life Coaching” with the power of the Subconscious mind, conscious thought and focused energy to shift consciousness to a higher vibrational state to reprogram ones subconscious mind. This one of a kind life changing experience, packed with vast amounts of knowledge on how to bring forth desired results and experiences, by understanding how to use the energy in which you are, easily proves that Poppii King has created a much needed program that traditional Life Coaching has never touched prior to her entry on the scene.


This Xperience is much more than traditional Life Coaching. With this experience, you will be guided to access and use all that you already possess, in order to use the mind and your life experiences (whether you believe them to be “negative” or “positive”) to your own benefit. This in turn also allows for one to eliminate stress for better mental and physical health, as well as to create freedom from feeling like a victim of life’s circumstances. 


If you are feeling stuck in life, feeling as if you are never receiving the results that you desire, as though you are in a repetitive negative life cycle, having little or no control over your life or thoughts, Or have been waiting to reach a level of peace that you never thought was possible, it is time that you are awakened to who you truly are.

Or maybe you feel that you have accomplished so much already in life but still cannot escape the feeling that there is something missing. You know that there is so much more to life. “The Poppii King Xperience” is for anyone who is wanting to understand themselves and the power that they are within. If you are ready to work on and with your inner self to improve your outer world for permanent life-changing results, take “The Poppii King Xperience” to discover just how you can have more control over every area of your life, with a simple shift of consciousness, while receiving the necessary guidance to do so. Overstand that YOU are the power… The Power.. is always within YOU!

 With The Poppii King Xperience You Will:

*Learn How to consciously and effectively re-program your subconscious mind to transform life and create desired reality and behaviors 

*Shift to a natural solution focused mind-Set and positive thinking, creating clarity for better life and better decision making

*Understand Energy & how to use it to benefit your life 

*Gain skills to reduce stress within your life

*Experience Increased Energy and confidence level 

*Unblock stuck energy for Improved focus 

*Develop self awareness and gain Self Control

*Reach desired goal(s)

*Be provided spiritual (inner) guidance to understand your true power within 

*Expand consciousness 

*Become a deliberate Co-creator of your reality (no longer a victim to circumstances)

*Discover how to stay motivated 

*Overstand money as an energy 

*Understand how to stay healthy mentally and physically 

*Understand the true meaning of failure and why it does not equal failed  

*Easily Identify and eliminate any “obstacle” that may come forth

*Have an improved perspective toward life 

*Learn how to effectively use meditation    

*Learn how to turn your “problems” into positives 


*Free 30min consultation allows potential client and coach to decide before paid coaching session whether client-coach relationship is a right fit  

*1 on 1 solution focused coaching including personalized strategic plan, Crystal(s) to support personalized journey, weekly action steps and exercises to ensure success  

*4 (1 hour) calls monthly (Via telephone or Video call, scheduled at times of your choice)

*Access to Poppii King via E-mail/text and/or voice messaging in between sessions for continued support 

*Free access Facebook group for supportive environment 

*inner G Coaching

*2 Energy guidance readings monthly included 

*Poppiis Video Gems 

*Personalized daily motivational E-mails/text 

*Weekly progression check-ins/Accountability  

*VIP access to blog entries and/or Poppii King Events 

*Free super funny, Limited supply & usually pretty expensive Jokes    


The Anatomy

Inner G Life Coaching

Inner G Life Coaching is simply coaching clients to identify the guidance that is always being offered from within. Sometimes, we may find it difficult to distinguish the “voice” of our inner Guidance from the “voice” of our ego, especially when we intend to create positive change. The ego does not like to change and will attempt to destroy anything that threatens its comfortability of existence. 

Too often we become victims of our own false and/or negative perceptions and become trapped in a paradigm that does not allow us to easily shift our perceptions, to one of our own benefit, which is one of thee most important parts of permanent transformation, since perception is what shapes our reality. The Poppii King Xperience “inner G” coaching is designed to guide you to recognize and tap into the guidance of your higher self/inner G by shifting ones perspective and ultimately their consciousness to a higher vibrational state. 

“The ego is impatient because it knows its time is limited. The Spirit is patient because it knows it is eternal.” -Unknown

Solution Focused Life Coaching

Following the traditional format of solution focused Life Coaching we focus on the solution as opposed to the problem. By assisting individuals to create desired changes and solutions in their personal and business lives, we build on strengths and create positive and effective action steps to move forward through life with ease.       

“When the mind is concentrated on a means to overcome a problem, it is no longer concerned with the obstacle” –  Dr. Joseph Murphy “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”

The power of your subconscious mind

It is a scientific fact that not only does the subconscious mind control our bodily functions, but it is also responsible for running 90 – 95% of our lives. While the conscious mind is your thinking mind, which is the mind that we use to make decisions, it is the subconscious mind, which is much like a program, that is constantly and repetitively bringing forth our realities as experiences.  

The subconscious mind plays like a security guard to what you actually believe to be fact. No matter what you may tell your conscious mind to believe as fact, you simply will not experience it as a part of your permanent reality or perspective, until it has been accepted by your subconscious mind. 

“The Poppii King Xperience” helps clients to practice using conscious thought, in addition to repetition of suggestion to introduce new thoughts into the subconscious mind, while erasing old limiting beliefs. Since the subconscious is responsible too for our behavior and our actions will always align with our beliefs.

Ultimately, our realities/experiences are governed by our beliefs. The unfortunate part is that most of the beliefs that we hold in our subconscious minds are not even our own. 

As early as birth our subconscious mind, being in the brain wave state of theta, begins to collect information given to us whether it be negative or positive, truth or false. It then holds onto those things as truth, even without our knowledge.

For example.. If you grew up with a parent who always referred to you as “stupid” or constantly telling you that “you cannot do anything right”, your subconscious mind will accept this as truth throughout your childhood and then into your adulthood. You may see that belief being played out through many different areas of your life. Your subconscious will always tell you (or reveal through your behaviors) that you are “stupid” or simply “cannot do anything right”. You may also see this played out as a lack of self-confidence or a lack of self-motivation.

“A knowledge of the interaction of your conscious and subconscious minds will enable you to transform your whole life” Dr. Joseph Murphy 

Many of us have witnessed, maybe even in our own lives, how changing our “mindsets” or habits alone can truly change our lives or behaviors. Unfortunately, many of us have also witnessed the short-term life changes that may occur from a just a simple shift of mind-set alone. This, due to a thought or suggestion not accepted by the subconscious mind, can often be disguised or misinterpreted as a “lack of continued motivation” or just “life getting in the way”.

However, by repetition of suggestion to the subconscious mind, you DO have the power to change your life, to one that is more beneficial to your internal and external environments, permanently.

“The Poppii King Xperience” will allow you to be able to permanently alter the beliefs that have been unknowingly fed to your subconscious mind and restricting or negatively affecting your life, thoughts or behavior. Since whatever you accept as truth subconsciously is then expressed as conditions, experiences and events in your life, understanding and reprogramming your subconscious, is THEE most important step in changing and co-creating your reality!

The power of conscious thought 

It has been proven through quantum physics, which some consider to be the most valid form of science, as fact that our thoughts too create and shape our realities. It is also said that as humans we have about 60,000 thoughts per day… but just what is a thought? Neuroscientists tell us that thoughts are a sequence of electrical waves or electrical impulses. When you have a thought, the neurons are shooting messages back and forth across your brain and blah blah blah {Enter knowledgeable scientific quote here} Let’s just skip to the good stuff.. And by good stuff I mean….  the power of conscious thought. 

To be “conscious” in definition is “to be aware” so when speaking of “conscious thought”

I am speaking of being “consciously” conscious of thought itself. Too often we allow our subconscious mind to take over as self and we are not conscious of our own thoughts or behaviors. In my book “Overstanding The Power of You” I gave an example of how one could converse and unknowingly speak something without even being aware of what they have just said, only to say “I didn’t say that….. I said that?” This is because we often speak, drive and even answer questions from the program of our subconscious mind, without applying much thought at all. Unfortunately, this too is how too many of us operate in our daily lives. Because of this, we relinquish much of our control over our own lives and even much of our perception to our subconscious mind, which will replay whatever behaviors and thought process in which it is most familiar.

The power of conscious thought though, allows you to break free from your “regular scheduled programming” so that you are always in control and not just performing repetitive behaviors and recycling repetitive realities, that may not serve your highest good. It is imperative to stay aware and be conscious of thought, since it is true that with our thoughts, we create and attract our experiences. Becoming a “conscious thinker” not only gives you the power to make better choices, but also allows you to create a reality that is most desirable to you. 

For some of us, this may prove to be easier said than done, which is why the Poppii King Xperience guides you through exactly how to use conscious thought to your greatest benefit. Not just with word alone but with personalized exercises designed to show and prove just how with thought alone, you can begin to alter your life, because experience itself is not only our greatest teacher but also the greatest of all truths. 

The power of you

If you’ve read my book “Overstanding The Power Of You” orrrr if you’ve ever attended grade school, then you are one of the elite, super intelligent beings, who are aware that the human body is made up of atoms. I know, I know.. Everyone knows this right? But for some reason we tend to throw this information away without understanding how magical this actually is. We tend to ignore this incredible fact that the human body is the most advanced piece of technology in Earth. This is not my opinion but fact alone, and with this very knowledge, you can use your own energy field to redesign your life.

What does this mean? Quantum physics tells us that if you break down any solid thing to its tiniest components, that you will find only “vibrating particles and empty space” which as I explain in my book “Overstanding The Power Of You” is actually an electron “cloud” and not “empty space” as we generally think of it.  

We know too that an atom which is a force field emitting waves of electrical energy, is what makes up the human body, along with trillions of different cells. Each cell too has a minus voltage on the inside and a positive voltage on the outside, making every living cell essentially a live battery. It is imperative to understand the powerful electric being that is you and how it relates to the electromagnetic field of the Universe, for there is also a great power in “knowing”.

I’m sure you’ve heard numerous times from numerous sources that your power is within and just in case you haven’t.. I’ll be the first to inform you….. YOUR POWER IS WITHIN.. And understanding the power that you hold in your inner world will allow you great power in your outer world. 

The power of you is understanding the power of conscious thought, the subconscious mind, and understanding yourself as an energy and the energy field in which you exist. It is overstanding how you can begin to use all the power in which you are to your benefit, because just understanding is not enough alone, it is not enough to simply have the knowledge. The true power comes forth in what you do WITH the knowledge. 




Crystals have been used since ancient times for their healing properties, but just what are crystals and how do they work? Crystals are formed in nature when liquid rock called magma and other molecules, atoms and minerals form together to become stable. Crystals are used in a variety of ways within our everyday lives; headphones, cell phones, televisions, watches, computers etc. Almost all electronic devices use some form of crystal to transmit energy in different forms. The human body too, being electric, is positively affected by high vibrating crystals. As we know EVERYTHING in this great Universe vibrates, we are existing in a Universe made up of energy, frequency and vibrations, so naturally, like the vibration of all things, including the foods that we put into our bodies and even the frequency of other humans themselves, crystals too have an effect on the energy field of the body.

Though crystals have been widely used for their healing properties, some crystals can also be used to block and transmute lower or negative energies. There are many forms of crystals which can be used for a variety of things in a variety of ways. Taking a look at my store you can find some of the different crystals along with their benefits and uses.