OverStanding The Power Of You


In King’s newest release “Overstanding The Power of You”, she walks us through publicly known scientific facts, backed by CIA documents to provide the knowledge and proof needed to understand the powerful beings in which we are as humans. An enlightening book documenting the science behind life, this powerful book shines light in a fresh, humorous and simplified way, on the supernatural inner workings of the human body, the power of the mind and the beauty of consciousness itself.

Including a 4 week challenge to improve the quality of ones life, this book details  just how with the use of conscious thought, the power of the subconscious mind and the use of intense focused energy, one can manifest a life of their desires, simply by understanding themselves as an electric being, and using all that they are to their benefit. Easily one of the greatest and more detailed books ever written, in terms of understanding just how to manifest experiences into your physical reality, this life changing book is sure to lead the reader to not only an expanded consciousness, but a great amount of peace, joy and an understanding of the power in which they are, and just how to use it to their benefit.