Meet Poppii King

Poppii King is not only a 2X best selling Author, but she is also a Metaphysical Practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Solution-Focused Life Coach, Minister of Metaphysics, Independent Researcher, Mom, Visionary, and Entrepreneur. 

King, Who has described her purpose in life as to “to help others along their journey” since she appeared on the scene with her first published works, has been pretty successful in doing so through the launch of the driving force behind her Life Coaching approach  “The Poppii King Xperience” and looks to be continuing with the anticipation of her latest novel “Overstanding The Power Of You.” 

Specializing in getting results, King who describes herself as a “deliberate Co-Creator” and a “Natural Energy Healer” incorporates Spiritual guidance and her knowledge of the use of intense focused energy, to assist her clients in reaching their desired goals. 

King, having survived a rough childhood herself and then a spiritual awakening in her adult life, has dubbed herself an “innergy Life Coach” as a way to describe how she works with the energy and inner guidance of her clients to bring forth results. 

“It’s amazing how the things that you have gone through can help someone else along their journey “ -Poppii King 

Watching King work and pull revelations from her clients is amusing for sure. Dubbed by “Queen Magazine” as “The new “it girl of the literature world”, King is definitely the one to watch, as she breezes through with a one of a kind writing style and an interesting and seemingly long term effective coaching approach.

Interacting with King in any sort seems to be an Authentic high-frequency experience alone.  A bright young lady and very humorous in her approach, it is no wonder that people are flocking to work with King. Holding a great passion and pride in her value to add value to others, says a great amount about King in itself.

When asked “Who is Poppii King?” 

She answered:

“I’m just a soul enjoying my human experience, learning & helping others along the way… whether it be through my writings, or my interacting with other Souls that are here in Earth… I am a healer, a lighthouse.. {She pauses} I am… everything that  I want to be.. and everything that I need to be… Who am I? {She laughs} that’s a great question and I don’t think that there is just one answer. Right now…. I’m just the messenger… {She grabs at a crystal that hangs from her neck} Yeah just the messenger”

Interviewer: After speaking with you and even receiving some great advice from you myself, I’ve realized that you’re pretty knowledgeable enough to profit greatly in other areas… Why is Life Coaching your main focus? 

P.King: I get that question a lot {She laughs} but it’s because it’s who I naturally am… my purpose is to help other souls in an unorthodox way, you know?.. Without being held back by rules and regulations to withhold the truth, but to help people to understand who they truly are, to understand how they can use all that they are… to their benefit. This is what makes me genuinely happy… and I’m great at it.. I may be knowledgeable on a few things, but It would bring me no true joy to just profit from my knowledge alone..  To get paid though, to live my purpose.. to do what my soul longs to do.. this frequency is unmatched .. it’s a great exchange of energy for sure.

Interviewer: So how important is it that you are a successful Life Coach? 

P.King: Success is so subjective.. In the general sense though, it’s not important that I’m a successful Life Coach, it’s only important that I am successful in assisting other souls to successful results.. Like one can be a successful Life Coach just getting their clients short term results or even no real results at all… But still seen as a successful Life Coach .. in terms of having a successful brand, lots of clients .. things like that . For me this is not of importance..  me being an effective Life Coach is most important to me. If I am not effective, then I am not successful, no matter how popular or “successful” my brand may seem to be. 

Interviewer: Is there a life coach that you are inspired by or that you would believe to be your competitor? 

P.King: I am inspired by every single Soul.. every single thing which is in coexistence with me here in this great Universe.. This world of Matter is so fascinating to me in so many ways.. I am truly inspired by it all. I get inspiration from everyone and everywhere, to be honest. I am inspired by those who believe themselves to not be doing well, the same as I am inspired by those who believe themselves to be doing great…  because if you believe you aren’t doing well, then it is in my soul to show you how great you are.. to show you how you can turn that around for yourself… I’ll get inspired to put a whole program together just for that person’s situation {She laughs} It’s that important to me to show you who you are. 

Interviewer: And your competitors? 

P.King:  {She laughs} competition like fear is not real.. if you are helping other souls then we have a common goal.. which then makes you my co-worker, how can we be competitors? As a student of Metaphysics and a person that has frequent out-of-body experiences, I know it to be truth that we are all essentially one .. right?! Since we know that we are all of an energy and energy waves as we know,  cannot be separated .. Therefore it is only truth, that we are working together to heal or help different parts of Ourselves… Someone may resonate more with a Life Coach other than myself, and that’s dope to me because we are all vibrating at different frequencies, and it’s important to find someone on the same frequency that you may be on. What’s important is that you are receiving the assistance needed… my concern is not where the services come from.. but that you receive it.

Interviewer: Would you do it for free? 

P.King: I’ve been doing it for free almost my whole life . I do it for free every time that I have an interaction with someone .. The Universe sends the souls to me and I give mini life coaching sessions almost everywhere that I go {She laughs} I remember in my youth before I realized my purpose, I would always meet people who needed my help in some way. I would become so frustrated just asking God Why? Why were all these people needing help always being sent to me? Why did I always have to help other people?.. You know? Who was going to help me?.. where was my help ? It was so frustrating because after I helped them they would disappear from my life… it was repetitive and a horrible feeling.. still til this day it happens much like this… but without the horrible feeling because… I begin to understand that it was my purpose .. and though I would help many people and then get what seemed to be the short end of the stick, I never allowed that to stop me from helping others.. I use to say.. “I’m not going to let anyone change me just because they’re ungrateful” and I never did… but then later I found that what I saw as “ungrateful” was just a soul stopping by to pick up what they needed to continue their journey .. 

We are greatly confused and begin to believe that people must stay in our lives.. We become attached which leads to our greatest form of suffering, when in fact.. every interaction and experience is just that.. an experience .. and it doesn’t have to be much more than that.. We can take the experience.. take the lesson, learn from it and continue on in our journey of life …. So Just to go back to your question before I continue my preaching and we end up on a whole different topic {She laughs} Yes I would and have done it for free… but if I had to focus on anything else for income, it would take away from me focusing on really helping people at the magnitude that I am able to now.. It’s just dope that my career can be exactly what I want to focus on.. We know money, like services to be also another form of energy and energy must always be in the state of flow, which I speak about in “Overstanding The Power of You”, so for me, it’s like I said earlier, it’s just a great exchange of energy.

Interviewer: What would you say is the greatest thing about Poppii King? 

P.King: The greatest thing about me is that I am in existence… {She laughs} I feel so lucky to have this physical experience man, right after that I would say it’s that I have a great soul, I’ve manifested into this great person, I’m a great Life Coach, a great Mother… andddd also I usually don’t brag about my talents but I’m also the greatest at cooking Ramen Noodles… the greatest in The World… Make sure you put “The World” in bold letters so people will know that it’s true. {She laughs} You ever had “Al Dente” Ramen noodles?  {She laughs}

Interviewer: I don’t believe I’ve ever had Ramen Noodles 

P.King: Oh ok I get it.. you’re not as Privileged as some of us {She laughs} Well If you ever want to try them you let me know.. I make them once every three months.. they’re not really that healthy but… I’m an alchemist..  Aww man I forgot to say that I’m an alchemist … Yeah I will turn that .50 cent pack of Oodles & noodles into a delicatessen {We both laugh} 

Interviewer: Any last words of inspiration for someone who may be reading this interview ? 

P.King: Yes.. to you who may be reading this I’d remind you that there is a great power in knowing… Understand and remember who the F* you are… you are so much more than just a “human” you are a powerful being …  a spiritual being having a temporary human experience… there is a great power within… there will never be a need to look outside of yourself for it … the only one thing that you must do, is to understand self and put your power to use, no belief nor faith needed.. just KNOW who F* you are…  I love you.. Peace!