The power of knowing

Remember that It is the sub-conscious mind that is creating and projecting your reality on the screen of space based off of what it is that you believe to be true. The mind will then move forth in creating experiences that it believes fits into the paradigm of your “normal reality”. & gets rid of any information that does not. In this way, you are constantly manifesting every single second of your life, simply based off of your thoughts and your beliefs alone, it is always within your power to co-create.

Working with the brain wave state of theta, you can begin to re-program the mind, using repetitive suggestions in order see your desired reality as truth. In metaphysics we call this “self programming”. Staying too in a state of positivity & gratitude, which are both high vibrational frequencies, also allows for your higher self or Godly self to express itself through you. This is one of greatest reasons how and why positive affirmations are so effective. Understand that you are directly connected within the Universe and not a part from it. Understand the powerful being that you are, and then begin to use all that you are to your own benefit!

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