Here are five things that you can do today in order to begin to lift your frequency & stay grounded!

1. Decreasing the use of electronics (Social media and news)

I know this is a sensitive time where things are seemingly changing every 30 mins but I would like to quote the living legend Denzel Washington in saying “If you are not watching the news you are not informed.. If you are watching the news you’re misinformed” Many people believe that they must stay glued to the t.v in order to stay “informed” all while not being IN-Form at all. Not only is our overuse of electronics damaging to our subconscious mind/reality and keeping us in a low vibrational state, but the many electromagnetic frequencies constantly projected from these electronics are also damaging to the cerebral cortex and addictive. We must take care of ALL things that we consume, not only through the mouth but also through sight and sound. He who controls the media controls the minds of the masses, Begin to decrease your use and especially that of your young children and replace it instead with anything that is more beneficial to the mind & brain. He who controls the media controls the minds of the masses… Are you creating your “reality” or having it created for you?

2. Meditation

Meditation which is one of my favorite states to be in is a great way to lift your frequency and stay grounded.. Meditation is actually great for a number of things including reaching states of relaxation/peace, relieving stress, connecting with your inner/higher self, achieving deeper or higher levels of consciousness, the benefits are literally endless, so during a time of social distancing instead of being “bored in the house ad you’re in this house bored” .. you can use this time to your advantage for your own growth and deeper understanding of self since isolation is often necessary for spiritual evolution.

3. Sun exposure & Grounding(Earthing)

We know the Sun to be our greatest source of energy, one of the reasons is that the Sun is the only new energy that enters Earth’s biosphere. The same as we consume foods daily is the same as we should consume Sun whenever possible. Not only is it the greatest source for Vitamin D but it is essential to the health of the body, the pineal gland, and the flow of information throughout the body.. I spoke in my last video a little about the benefits of sun gazing because the most effective way to power the brain is by receiving solar energy through the eyes since humans are solar-powered organisms. Sungazing while meditating on your desires is also a great tool to bring things forth into the physical reality, since when this is done thought is broken down and light refracted and bounced off into the universe in the form of frequencies

Grounding too provides a great number of benefits to the body and health of the body if you aren’t familiar with grounding it is the simple act of reconnecting with the Earth through the soles of your feet and absorbing the earth’s free-flowing negatively charged electrons which are often referred to as nature’s greatest antioxidants. You do this by walking barefoot in grass, dirt or concrete. This practice also reduces inflammation, improves sleep promotes calmness boost immunity increases energy levels amongst a great number of other things. Not only is sun bathing and grounding both great for your health but they are sure to lift your frequency and keep you grounded.

4. Self-educating

Self-education is the best education that you can ever receive, but also learning new things can keep you balanced and grounded. Of course, you want to ensure that you are learning things that are beneficial to the mind, body, soul or relevant to the reality in which you are working to create. Learning new things to improve oneself will also increase your vibrational frequency and allow you greater access to your higher self as you reach a greater understanding of whatever topic it is that you choose to indulge. Life is our greatest teacher and we are all but students.. Like all living things, we must always be in a state of flow and growth, One who is not willing to learn is one who is not willing to grow and anything not growing is “dead”.

5. Physical exercise

Not only is physical exercise a benefit to the body it is also a proven way to improve mental health by relieving stress, anxiety, negative mood, improve focus and also a great way to clear your mind and increase energy. More importantly, though, physical exercise is a great form of self-discipline, and self-discipline is needed to accomplish all things. Train the body and the mind will follow, physical exercise is another great way to lift your vibrational state and stay grounded.

Begin implementing any or all of these things into your schedule to raise your frequency and see your life begin to change for the better.

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