Mystical Meditation

How to achieve deeper levels of consciousness:

Here is an effective meditation in order to release thought and reach a deeper level of consciousness so that all may surface and become apparent to you. This meditation is called “Mystical Meditation” You can practice this each day for 20mins to an hour. As you practice the mind will begin to see into itself, you will become more in tune with your inner sight, most popularly known as the sight of the “Third eye” or the “eye of the soul”. You will also be able to

*Discover your ultimate Self-Reality
*Discover the power that resides in the deeper levels of the human mind.
*Be guided from within in all one does in daily life in order to improve your reality

Amongst a great number of other things

Here is how you will accomplish this:

*Pick a time that you can sit quietly and uninterrupted

*Be sure that you are wearing loose comfortable clothing

*Sit in an upright position at a table or desk

*Place a single white candle like the one pictured if possible about 12 inches from your head/face on the desk in front of you

Now, after lighting the candle, attempt to clear all thought and focus intently for about 10 minutes straight, on nothing but the flame of the candle (Do not break concentration by checking the time).

After what you assume to be 10 minutes close your eyes. With your physical eyes now closed, you will now be able to see an after picture of the flame within your third eye (The interior region of your forehead) You have now shifted from an outer concentration to the inner.

Concentrate only on the after image until it fades away, you will use this image as a focal point of concentration until it does. It may come in and out of your inner vision for some time. This inner concentration though, will still the mind and free you from daily life thought, while making you more aware of the internal consciousness of your mind.

Once the after‐image of the candle flame has faded from your Third Eye, sit quietly, looking into the internal consciousness of your own mind. During this time, you may experience images, clouds of colors or an inner light. Be open and become comfortable with your inner sight, this will not only lead you to a greater understanding of self and the world around you, but in Practical Mysticism, you will learn to use the Ultimate Power and Intelligence of the Universe to improve your daily life.

After trying this meditation come back and let me know about your experience #PeaceFamily

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