Using Conscious Thought!

It is the #subconscious mind working much like a program that is responsible for the projecting of your experiences as your “reality”. When #conscious thought is not put forth, much of our lives are on autopilot.. With conscious thought though, we can begin to change the “programming” .. Which changes our “normal” way of thinking … behaviors, habits and ultimately the experiences that you attract as your “reality”. If we are not consciously thinking consciously… then we are easily leaving much of our reality to be created by old and/or outdated beliefs, thoughts and behaviors. Begin to observe your thoughts, are they aligning with your desired reality? If not it is up to you alone to begin to take control and re-direct your thinking to thoughts in which are only beneficial to you. You are the observer, the subject, the co-creator. The thinker alone should control the thoughts.. it is trouble when the thoughts begin to control the thinker #PeaceFamily

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