“The Poppii King Xperience” is professional one-on-one coaching with Spiritual Life Coach Poppii King that guides you towards a deeper understanding of self, and a greater quality of life, assisting one to access their inner guidance for a healthy mental environment and greater spiritual health. Combined with traditional “Solution Focused Life Coaching”, the power of ones subconscious mind, the use of conscious thought and the use of intense focused energy, this program allows for the shifting of consciousness to a higher vibrational state, to ensure that you are aligned with your higher self. This one of a kind life changing experience, is also packed with vast amounts of knowledge on the most effective ways to manifest desired results and experiences into your physical reality, creating a more meaningful and fulfilled life. If you have been waiting to reach a level of control of your mind, freedom, peace and abundance that you never thought was possible, it is time that you are awakened to your true power within.